Wedding Wagon For Rent

Photo courtesy of Martelli Photography

As word spreads about Mini Wedding Wagons and our adorable line of handmade wagons, we have received an increasing amount of inquiries into renting a wagon.

Because we put so much care into ensuring that each of our pieces is custom made to the exact specifications of our clients, we do not keep a stock of wagons available for rent.

However, there are several options available to you if you’re looking to add that sweet touch to your big day while still saving a few extra bucks (and possibly even making a bit of extra cash!)

1. Buy It, Then Resell It

The best way to save money on a custom wedding wagon is to purchase one, and then resell it.

There are several wedding websites that specialize in used wedding equipment, such as Bridal Garage Sales, Wedding Recycle, and Tradesy. Even eBay could work.

Not only will you get a brand new wedding wagon made the way you want it, but you can set the price that you resell the piece for. Some people might even be willing to pay more than what you spent on the piece if they’re looking for a last-second purchase and can’t wait for a custom wagon to be made from scratch! 

2. Become An Entrepreneur

Why resell your wagon when you can rent it out yourself?

For the entrepreneurs out there, we recommend purchasing your wagon, then renting it out to other members of your community who may be interested in using a wagon for their next event. You’ll make enough money to pay for the original cost of the wagon, and then some! Your income only ends when you decide to stop renting the piece out.

3. Convince Your Wedding Vendors To Buy One

Check with your event planner or a wedding rental company. If they don’t have a wagon in stock, send them a link to your favorite Mini Wedding Wagons style. Let them know that if they purchase a wagon for their stock, you’ll be their first customer (and will help spread the word to newly engaged friends looking for a vendor with such an expansive stock of wedding accessories!)

4. Purchase, Then Repurpose

Wedding Wagon For Rent - Garden

This adorable Charming Carriage will look great in the garden after being used for your big event!

Our beautiful handcrafted pieces deserve more than just one walk down the aisle! Consider your purchase an investment, and reuse your wagon as a home décor piece, cute storage container, or an adorable piece to take outdoors as the weather warms up.

Some of our favorite ways to repurpose our wagons is by using them as outdoor yard décor, filling them with potted plants. They’re also a great place to store toys in a playroom, or to hold books or flowers in your living room.

Of course, they’re always a showstopper whenever taken out in public, so show off your new favorite piece on your next outdoor excursion! Load it up with food for a picnic, pile your kids in for a walk to the park, or load up your pets for a trip around the neighborhood. Be sure to factor in some extra time…we can guarantee you’ll be stopped frequently by admirers asking where you got your adorable wagon!

Contact Mini Wedding Wagons today to order your custom wedding wagon, and get ready to use it time and again in the future!