Flower Girl Pumpkin Wagons


The Most Adorable Entrance For Your Flower Girl


Thought Your Wedding Day Couldn’t Get Any Sweeter?

Flower Girl Pumpkin Wagons by Mini Wedding Wagons are the perfect way for your Flower Girl to make their entrance!

Wagons come in four sizes and can comfortably carry the tiniest of children or your Flower Girl and Ring Bearer.

What a way to start your Happily Ever After!

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What Size Wagon Is Right For Me?

Pumpkin Wagon Sizes
  • Small Flower Girl Pumpkin Wagon
    10`` Width x 19`` Length
  • Medium Flower Girl Pumpkin Wagon
    12``Width x23`` Length
  • Large Flower Girl Pumpkin Wagon
    13.75`` Width x 28`` Length
  • Extra Large Flower Girl Pumpkin Wagon
    18`` Width x 28``Length


Meant for infants up to about 12 months old.


Good for a single child up to 3-4 years old.

Two infants can sit facing each other or one can straddle the other.


Great for one elementary school-age child.

Two toddlers can sit side-by-side too. Multiple babies can fit in a large wagon, too.

Extra Large

Wider than the Large wagon and will hold 3 or 4 children.

Please check the wagon measurements to make sure the child you want to carry is not too large for the wagon.

What They’re Saying

“Wonderful … magical … this completed our wedding”
– Sally S.

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