Assembly Videos & FAQ’s

Because of rough handling during shipping, wagons are shipped in pieces. For example, Flower Girl Pumpkin Wagons are shipped in 6 pieces along with 4 wheels.

Detailed instructions with photos are included with each wagon.

The assembly is quite easy, involving about 14-16 Philips head bolts pushed through pre-drilled holes in the wagon parts, and screw into recessed “T nuts” that are embedded in the wood.

Wheels are fastened to the axles with 6″ hex head lag bolts, into pre – drilled holes.

The last step is bolting the tongue on with one small bolt.

All hardware is provided, and the only tools you will need are :

  • A phillips head screwdriver. (One with a long handle makes the job easier.)
  • An adjustable wrench or socket to turn in the lags for the wheels and the tongue bolt.

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This is how your Pumpkin Wagon is shipped. The 4 wheels are not shown.
A disassembled wagon. Wheels not shown.

See this video for Angel Carriage assembly instructions:

See this video for Wedding Wagon assembly instructions:

Which carriage will work best for certain ages? Which wagons will hold more then one child?

Any Questions? Call  or text Ed, the craftsman @ 828-4674495 – from 7 AM to 10 PM  EST.

Flower Girl Pumpkin Wagon Series

Small – Infants do well in this size, up to about a year old.

Medium – Two infants could sit in this one, but would have to be facing each other, one at each end, or the one in front could be straddled by the child in the back. This size works well for a single child up to about 3 – 4 years old.

Large – Excellent for two toddlers side by side sitting in the rear of the wagon. This would easily carry a single elementary school age child. Some of the photos show 3 and even 4 babes in this size.

Carriage Series

Small Angel Carriage – Specially designed for infants from newborn to about 2 years old. This Small Angel Carriage is built on the Medium Wedding Wagon base, and is much larger then the Small Wedding Wagon.

Large Angel Carriage – Same design as the Small Angel, but a good bit larger. this will hold 2 – 3 children or older ones.

Charming Carriage – Good for smaller children that can sit by themselves. This is wide enough for 2 young ones side by side.

Snow White Carriage and Royal Carriage – These two are basically the same size. We offer safety rails as an upgrade option for smaller children that you are concerned may topple out. This is an ideal size for younger elementary school age children, and the Royal Carriage is made to hold two, one above the other, or side by side. The Snow White Carriage may also be able to hold two, depending on their size.

Princess Carriage – A beautiful Carriage for young teens, or even older ones. Very strong and built for weight.

Some general things to consider:

  • The impression you wish the wagon and child to make. The larger the wagon, the more of a presence it will have.
  • What you want in the wagon with the child, such as flowers, pillows, or anything else. If the wagon is filled with the child, there won’t be room for much else.
  • An older or larger child will not fit in the smaller wagons, but a small child will do fine in a larger wagon. When a smaller child sits in a larger wagon, they tend to sit more in the middle.
  • What do you have in mind to do with the wagon after the event? A young child will soon outgrow the smaller wagons, so you may want a larger one that the child could use for some years.

Wedding around the corner and concerned about getting your wagon in time? Relax. ? 

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Our most popular carriages, including our Flower Girl Pumpkin Wagons, Angel Carriages, and Charming Carriage can ship in less then a week if necessary, but we do appreciate more lead time if possible. A few weeks is ideal.

The Snow White Carriage & Royal Carriage take longer, so try to give us more time for these larger ones.

The Princess Carriage takes quite a bit more time, so we need at least 4-6 weeks lead time, more if possible.

The Adult Cinderella Carriage can take up to two months, so give us lots of time to build you one of these.

Please see the map at right for an estimate of UPS Ground shipping times. Need something sooner?

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Sorry, we do not rent the wagons. With shipping both ways, it would be
very impractical. It is quite difficult to box up the carriage so it ships without damage.

We suggest that you buy one – and then resell it. There are wedding websites that specialize in used wedding equipment, such as Bridal Garage SalesWedding Recycle, and Tradesy. Even eBay works. No one else makes these, so there is a good resale value.

You can also check with an event planner or wedding rental company, and tell them that if they buy one to rent out, you will be their first customer.

Any Questions? Call Ed, the craftsman @ 828-675-5858 – from 7 AM to 10 PM  EST.

Paint the wagon before you assemble it.

Read your instruction sheet carefully – it offers some important direction about paint.

We suggest latex – not oil based paint. We use Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams. Both Home Depot and Lowe’s have good paint too, but avoid the cheapest ones. We use a latex primer first, then sand lightly with about 100 Grit sandpaper to smooth off between coats, and finish with a high gloss exterior latex house paint. 

You can use two coats of the top coat and not bother with a primer, but it does not sand smooth between coats near as nicely. 

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We do not offer seatbelts or straps, but the way the wagons are made, the floor boards have spaces on the outside edges and a piece of cloth or toole can very easily be run across a child’s lap, down the spaces on either side, and then pinned or tied to help hold the child in place (with the exception of the Charming Carriage).

Any Questions? Call Ed, the craftsman @ 828-675-5858 – from 7 AM to 10 PM  EST.

I am sorry, but we no longer offer international shipping.