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Small Angel Carriage


This unfinished carriage, without custom options, sells for: 

$185.00 + $45.00 shipping = TOTAL $230.00

Our Small Angel Carriage is crafted for children, from newborn to about 2 years of age. Lay infants in this carriage or add our optional removable backrest for a sitting toddler.

For clarification on the different carriage sizes, click here.

 Carefully review the custom options listed below. If there are any that you would like to add that are not listed, contact us and we will be happy to work with you to make your dreams come true.

This product is not meant for rough use.

Custom options include:

* Cinderella Pumpkin Hoop top (with finial) – these are removable and flexible- choose between 24″ and 36″
* Seat back – for child old enough to sit up (also removable)
* Paint or stain finish options
** For custom carriage finish color, Contact Ed.
** For any specialty paint detailing, Contact Ed.

The price below the Carriage Finish Options has the shipping already included.

Carriage Finish options *

Wheel rim options *

Add hoops *

Add Backrest *

Trim Paint options *

Angel Carriage Dimensions

Body length (without tongue) 32” – Body width (not incl. wheels) 16”

Inside carriage body length 23” – (If back rest is in place, the inside body length is 19 1/2″)

Inside carriage body width 12”

Inside Carriage body height (at lowest point) 3”

Overall carriage width (incl. wheels) 25″

Tongue length 29”

Seat back height (if purchased) 6″

Wheel sizes: front – 10”, Rear – 12”

Overall carriage body height off floor 12”

From carriage floor to top of hoops (inside) 20″

Height from ground to top of hoops 30”

If a child is leaning against backrest, the space where their body and head would be is: 18″ high under the hoops


  1. Katherine  March 11, 2014

    Ed, this was a huge hit at our wedding and the ring bearer (9 months old) loved it! He fit perfectly in the small wagon with a pillow behind him for support. All in all a great experience and we would recommend your wagons to our friends. Thank you very much!

    Kind regards,


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