Our Mini Wedding Wagons are all hand made in our family work shop located in the Western mountains of North Carolina. With low overhead and no middle men, we are able to keep our prices low. If you give us a call you’ll be able to speak directly to Ed, the craftsman. 



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Do you have something specific in mind? We will customize our wagons or build a new design especially for you. 

1. What is special and unique about this product?
All parts are handmade and hand assembled in our family wood shop.

2. What makes your product superior to anything like it?
As a family business we put care into each piece we make. Much attention is given to design and detail. Our goal has been to offer products with high quality and low price, made in USA, and with obvious craftsmanship. We hope it is evident by our Wagons and Carriages that we have reached this goal.

3. What is your company history?
We have had a family wood shop for 30 years, making lawn furniture, custom cabinets, Cedar Chests and rustic western wagons. Then in about 2005, we began making Wedding Wagons for children. Since then we have made many changes to improve our wagons, and have added quite a few new designs.

The Sillman Family (taken in 2004)


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