Extra large unfinished flower girl wagon
Extra Large Flower Girl Pumpkin WagonExtra LargeExtra Largeextra largeEx. Large size, stained dark, with rims banded in Aluminum.Plenty of room, even for the larger child.

Extra Large Flower Girl Pumpkin Wagon


This unfinished carriage (ready to be painted- visible screws and fasteners countersunk, filled, and sanded), without custom options, sells for:

$283.00 + $65.00 shipping = TOTAL $348.00

Need a wedding wagon for several older children? If the children will fit, this sturdy wagon will easily hold them safely. Check the inside measurements below and compare with the area needed for the children to sit.

The wheels turn and the tongue assembly moves from side to side so the wagon can easily be moved around. These do not have a sharp turning radius.

Please check the wagon measurements to make sure the child or children you want to carry are not too large for the wagon. Also, see our wagon size descriptions, click here. We offer 4 sizesSmallMediumLarge and Extra large – to fit the age & size range of the child or children being carried.Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 9.12.35 AM

Simple assembly required. (Instructions and photos included)

Carefully review the custom options listed below. If there are any that you would like to add that are not listed, contact us & we will be happy to work with you to make your dreams come true.

This product is not meant for rough use.

Custom options include:

* Unfinished, painted or stained finish options
** For customized carriage finish color, Contact Ed.
** For any specialty paint detailing, Contact Ed.

The price below the Carriage Finish Options has the shipping already included.




Wagon Finish Options *

Wheel Rim Options *

Extra Large Flower Girl Pumpkin Wagon Dimensions

Height (with wheels) : 20″

Overall width (with wheels) : 33″

Wagon length without tongue : 40 ” (wheels extend beyond wagon ends)

Overall length with tongue : 68″

Inside body width & length -(where the child or children would sit):

18 ” wide x 28 ” long – at floor level

23″ wide x 28 ” long – (at top of side rails)


  1. Kathryn  January 16, 2015

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the mini wagon. It was here waiting for us when we got back into town and we put it together today. We loved it so much that we are keeping it on our front porch instead of way down by the front entrance.
    I want to get another smaller one for the foot of an antique bed. I have quite a few handmade and knit quilts-afghans and would like to put them in it. I will send you a picture of the bed and set up to see what size you think would work. Debating on if I would want it painted.

    Thank you so much for our gorgeous addition.



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