Charming Carriage painted white with aluminum banded wheels
Charming CarriageCharming CarriageCharming carriageCharming CarriageCharming Carriage painted white with aluminum banded wheelsCharming carriage painted white with aluminum banded wheelsCharming carriageCharming Carriage painted white with aluminum banded wheelsCharming Carriagecharming carriage 12 hoopscharming carriage 12 hoops

Charming Carriage


This unfinished carriage, without custom options, sells for: 

$235.00 + $60.00 shipping = TOTAL $295.00

Make your baby or toddler a special part of your wedding. This Carriage can even hold two children!

This carriage is larger than our Small Angel Carriage. For clarification on the different carriage sizes, click here.

Carefully review the  custom options listed below. If there are any that you would like to add that are not listed, contact us & we will be happy to work with you to make your dreams come true.

This product is not meant for rough use.

Custom options include:

* Flexible white hoops with finial (removable) + $78
* Paint or stain finish options

*Front cross piece with heart (seen in last two photos to the left) + $58

We are also offering the option of gold or silver trim paint (+ $75) on the top edge of the carriage, the wheel rims, the outside edge of the wheel hub, the handle cross piece, and part of the finial (if you order the Cinderella Pumpkin hoop top).

** For customized carriage finish color, Contact Ed.
** For any specialty paint detailing, Contact Ed.

The price below the Carriage Finish Options has the shipping already included.

Carriage Finish Options *

Wheel Rim Options *

Add Hoops *

Trim Paint Options *

Add front cross piece with heart *

Charming Carriage Dimensions

Body length (without tongue) 36”

Body width (not incl. wheels) 16.5”

Overall carriage width (incl. wheels) 29″

Tongue length 32”

Wheel sizes: front – 10”, Rear – 14”

Overall carriage body height off floor 14”

Weight – 25 lbs.

The flat area where the child or children would sit is 15” wide x 13” long.


  1. Andrea  December 7, 2012

    Goodmorning Ed
    Just wanted to send you a message to assure you that the carriage arrived on Friday SAFE & SOUND! I easily attached the tongue & pumpkin top with no problem and I absolutely love it! Both of the babies (now 5 1/2 months old) have taken it for a “test drive” individually & seemed to enjoy it with NO COMPLAINTS so far…we haven’t had them in it at the same time yet but I think that they are going to fit facing each other very comfortably AND the safety rails that you customized were definitely a necessity and are PERFECT!!! We are going to be going for lots of test drives in it between now and the wedding date of December 10th when they will be 8 months old & I’m sure we’ll be getting lots of use out of it for years to come with such a wagon fit for a princess!! I have lots of ideas for it’s use, not just for weddings but for portrait opportunities and perhaps even the hometown Christmas parade etc…!!
    Thanks so much

  2. Brian  March 19, 2014

    I just want to thank you so much again for going above and beyond for me to make our day even more special with that wagon for my 2 children.. It turned out beautifully. I will forever be grateful.

  3. Beatrice  April 23, 2014

    We got the packages this morning! It’s all assemsbled. It’s a beautiful dove carriage!! I really love it! You did an awesome job on it! I promise to send you pcitures of them after our wedding. Many thanks


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